Surfing the Aftershocks 5x03

pretty little liars meme (1/1 otp):


"We’ll live together and you can decorate the place however you want. We’ll study on the beach. Spend weekends in San Francisco and how much fun would it be to drive across country? You, me, donuts and diners."


Pretty Little Liars 4x19 "Shadow Play"


Two more screencaps of diary entries. 

The first one is about Mona. It talks about how Mona follows her and her friend like a puppy dog and that maybe if she beats her down enough, she’ll go crazy, do something stupid and get locked up. Goes on to talk about how she makes her vomit - not figuratively but actually physically sick to her stomach. 

The second is about Paige, or as Alison so affectionately referred to her as “Pig Skin”. This one was slightly harder to make out but she talks about how she was actually a little frightened and she doesn’t frighten easily. She says Paige must be out of her mind. I think, and this part is more assuming because you can’t exactly what she wrote since the book is held funny, but I think she’s also saying how she can’t compete physically with Paige. She also calls paige an ox? I think?